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Blakes The Art Of Hair
2016-02-08  |  Angela Byrne

“Blakes The Art of Hair” is situated in a small town in Derbyshire, in the beautiful High Peak. It is a small salon with a big reputation. Having previously come to our attention when they won an Easydry St. Patricks Day competition, we were delighted to hear that they had made huge savings on their energy bills since switching to Easydry. Here, we share with you their story …

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Gary Rom Hairdressing
2015-11-05  |  Easydry
World Class Luxury in South Africa with Gary Rom Hairdressing: Gary Rom Hairdressing (GRH) has been at the forefront of hair design in South Africa, servicing the heads of Pretoria and Johannesburg movers and shakers for over 20 years. Gary Rom’s first salon opened in Pretoria in the late eighties, to offer clients an unparalleled “experience” when it came to their hair styling. view more»

Award Winning Sustainability with Urban Escape
2015-10-27  |  Easydry

Urban Escape is a high end, holistically focused hair and wellness retreat stocking Aveda products. Their dedication to the environment led them to Orb Distribution. Craig says, “We sourced a great company to provide us with environmentally friendly options. This allows us to make less of an impact environmentally.”

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Karine Jackson Case Study
2015-09-21  |  Easydry
Eco-friendly salons are gaining in popularity over the past number of years and none more so than former London Hairdresser of the Year Karine Jackson. view more»

Case Study: Elysium, Brisbane
2015-08-25  |  Oscar and Kate Henderson
Anyone who has made the difficult journey from salon stylist to salon owner will know that having great hairdressing skills is just a very small part of what makes a successful business. Oscar and Kate Henderson, Elysium, Brisbane share their tips for success. view more»

Case Study: Clydebank College - West College Scotland
2014-09-22  |  Easydry
Come Monday at West College Scotland’s Clydebank Campus there’ll be a queue forming for its grooming department and the phone will be ringing non-stop. view more»

Case Study: Gallagher Horner
2014-09-22  |  Easydry
When you reach the levels Glasgow hair salon Gallagher Horner has, with two Scottish Hairdresser of the Year trophies on display in reception, you need a team able to deliver on clients’ expectations. For owner Brian Gallagher, that can only mean one thing – education. view more»

Case Study: Tabitha James Kraan
2014-06-03  |  Easydry
Long before recycling became the norm or climate change appeared in the headlines, Tabitha James Kraan was a convert to sustainability. view more»

Case Study: Ken Picton
2014-05-07  |  Easydry
When one of the top national papers lists an appointment at your salon in its top 10 gifts from Santa, it’s got to be one of the best Christmas presents ever. And so it was for Cardiff’s Ken Picton in December 2013. view more»

Case Study: Napier - The Hygienic Salon
2014-03-19  |  Easydry
When you are positioning your salon as the best in the area, compromise simply isn’t an option. So when Elaine Napier first saw Easydry shortly after it was launched in 2005 she didn’t take long to decide what it meant for her salon, the hair industry and the planet. view more»

Case Study: Aidan Fitzgerald
Aidan Fitzgerald is no stranger to awards ceremonies, but 2013 saw him add a new type of trophy to his growing collection – the EnviroCom Global Award. view more»

Case Study: Tropical North Queensland TAFE
Thousands of people across Australia walk through the doors of their local training organisations, known as TAFEs, each year seeking the skills they need to become successful hairdressers. view more»

Case Study: Hooker & Young
2013-02-28  |  Easydry
If you ask British Hairdresser of the Year nominees Hooker & Young to name their most essential kit for a shoot or show, Easydry disposable towels are high on the list. Michael Young explains why view more»

Case Study Tommys
2013-02-28  |  Easydry
It hard to believe that Tommy’s has only been open since 2005, but since then it has exploded into the hair world winning major awards, attracting endless column inches and opened two further salons. We grabbed a few minutes with owners Tommy and Esther van der Veken ... view more»

Case Study: Andrew Barton - The Luxury Salon
2013-02-26  |  Easydry
The name Andrew Barton needs no introduction. With a cabinet of awards and accolades including London’s Best Salon, London Hairdresser of the Year and British Hairdresser of The Year, this high-end salon’s reputation has been built on a commitment to create gorgeous ... view more»

Case Study: Leo Bancroft - The Innovative Salon
2013-02-26  |  Easydry
With a strong media presence, an enviable celebrity client list and a smart new consumer haircare range, Leo Bancroft has become a force to be reckoned with in the industry. view more»
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