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Easydry is proud to have established strong links with industry bodies over the past ten years including with these special organisations:

  • Habia
  • Fellowship for British Hairdressing
  • Good Salon Guide
  • National Hairdressers’ Federation(NHF)


Easydry is proud to be a Habia Supporter. Habia supports the hair and beauty industry in the following ways:

1. Educators: As the Sector Skills Council for the hair and beauty industry, Habia has the latest information and guidance on training and qualifications
2. Employers: Looking to grow your business, upskill your staff, or get your hands on the latest guidance?
3. Learners: Whether you are considering a career in hair and beauty, or already undergoing training, Habia can help you with your studies and learning programme.


Easydry is proud to be a member of the Fellowship for British Hairdressing. As members, we recognise that being part of The Fellowship is being part of an extraordinary organization dedicated to promote the best of British and International professional hairdressing.

The Fellowship for British Hairdressing has the following aims:

1. We uphold the highest professional standards and believe in life-long training and education for all members and their staff.
2. We actively support anything or anyone who promotes the image of quality professional hairdressing to the industry or consumers.
3. Our members are often the best salons in their area, or are trying to be. We aim to represent the top 10% of the industry.
4. Whilst encouraging healthy competition and ever-improving professional standards, all our members are treated as equals.
5. We are an independent, non-political organization.
6. We are run by our members and for our members and the good of the hairdressing industry at large.


Easydry is proud to be a supporter of the Good Salon Guide – the only independent guide to quality standards in hairdressing and beauty in the UK and Ireland.

To Learn more about the Good Salon Guide and our relationship with them, please click here


Easydry is proud to be member of the National Hairdressers’ Federation.

The NHF is the UK trade association for hairdressing, barbering and beauty salon owners. Providing services, tools and support to help members build successful and profitable salon businesses, the NHF is well established as the largest and most authoritative voice of the UK hairdressing, barbering and beauty industry.

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