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With businesses in the USA and in particular in California experiencing unprecedented drought conditions and water restrictions - Easydry USA has the answer. Switching from a single cotton towel to a single Easydry disposable towel can save your business 5 quarts of water - and that is for just one towel.


The State Water Resources Control Board in California has recently approved rules that force local authorities to limit watering on public property, encourage homeowners to let their lawns die and impose mandatory water savings targets for the hundreds of local agencies and cities that supply water to California customers.


Governor Jerry Brown said recently that he would push for legislation authorising fines of up to 10,000 dollars for extreme wasters of water, but he needs legislative approval to do so and no bill has been introduced yet.


Easydry USA offers savings of 5 Quarts per towel


Switching from 1 cotton towel to 1 Easydry disposable towel can save you 5 quarts of water - that is for a single towel. Imagine the savings if every hair salon, beauty salon and gym in California made the easy switch to Easydry!


Easydry single use towels offer your clients a clean, absorbent and luxurious towel, and as they are single use you will not need to waste gallons of water on laundering outdated cotton towels. After use, Easydry disposable towels will compost into fibres in just twelve weeks. Easydry really is the better way to dry.


Easydry USA Product Range


Easydry has a range of products to suit every business, from hand towels to bath towels. Click on "Store" from the top menu above, to view our range and find the products that will offer your clients total luxury and reassure you that you are no longer wasting water. Once you have placed your order and paid securely, we will rush your chosen products to you.


Alternatively, we can send you an order form if you would prefer to order offline. Simply email us and we can provide you with the information you need - or call us on our USA Toll Free Telephone number : 612.84.4409 from 8am to 6pm EDT. 


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