Easydry CEO Anne Butterly

There is no better feeling than that of freshly blow dried hair – but these days many women struggle to find the time to pamper themselves.

Cue the rise of the express blow dry bar which has revolutionised the hair industry, giving clients the pampering they deserve with shorter appointment times.

So how can salons introduce this concept? Here are the top 3 tips from Easydry:



1. Planning and research: this is essential to ensure you know what to offer and how to meet your clients needs.

Easydry CEO, Anne Butterly warns “Salons that offer express blow dry services must ensure they can deliver high quality service as over-promising and under-delivering is the quickest route to failure”. Areas to research include:

How quickly can your stylists wash, blow dry and style a clients hair?

What types of blow dry should you offer?

What should you charge for this service?

2. Tools: with the correct tools you can provide a high quality blow dry experience. For example, switching from old fashioned cotton towels to Easydry disposable towels can vastly reduce the amount of time a salon wastes on laundry – thus freeing up more time to provide blow dry services to clients.

3. Promotion:  Once you have decided to launch your blow dry bar, promotion is the key to speedy success. Add information about the new service to your clients receipts and don’t underestimate the power of facebook and twitter. Advertise it in your window to ensure clients and potential clients can learn about your new service.