Disposable Hairdressing Capes in White from EasydryDisposable Hairdressing Capes

Did you know that in addition to the fabulous Easydry Disposable Towels, we also have a range of Easydry Disposable Hairdressing Capes?


Not a drop of water or hint of tint will get through our totally impermeable capes, ensuring clients are comfortable and their clothes safe. This disposable hairdressing cape from Easydry is ideal for all colour treatments, tints and straightening. It can also be used by make up artists to protect clothing during make up applications.


While looking gorgeous, the disposable hairdressing capes from Easydry still offers complete protection to clients’ clothes with its impermeable coating on one side and highly absorbent Easydry on the other to soak up excess oil or powder spills. It is also extremely light and comfortable for the client, and easy to slip round the shoulders.


Easydry’s best-selling water and oil-resistant capes have previously been available only in black and white, but with constant investment to drive forward new technologies within fabric construction, the pioneering company can now offer its cape in vibrant red.


Once again, Easydry innovates to enable salons, in an increasingly eco-conscious world, to take advantage of the convenience of disposables without the guilt.


Easydry disposable shoulder capes are available in black, white and red and in a variety of quantities.

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Disposable Hairdressing Capes in White from Easydry