Easydry Short Towel 

Easy Trend With Easydry

Trends in the hair and beauty industries are ever changing as style and fashion constantly evolve. When Easydry launched, almost ten years ago, our first product launched was our pristine white diposable hair towel.

The white disposable towel was embraced by forward-thinking salons in Ireland and around the globe and was hugely popular. The White Hair towel is also hugely popular in January after the excesses of the festive season.


Easydry CEO, Anne Butterly,  then realised that there was huge market for salon towels that were jet black and retained their vibrant colour in the tough salon environment. Black cotton towels tend to fade over time and show bleach stains. With Easydry single use black towels, each towel you use on a client is the same vibrant black colour – every client, every time.


As Easydry Ambassador, Ken Picton says: “We use the black towel across all hair departments. We believe luxury is more than design or décor; true luxury is a state of mind, a sensory experience, a way of thinking. It had to be black towels.” Ken Picton, Ken Picton Salon.


Easydry has  a strong focus on the environment and sustainability, we bring out a limited edition Pink Towel each year as part of Breast Cancer Awareness month in October. This has proved hugely popular with salons in Ireland and across the globe.


Ever focussed on the “next big idea”, the most recent trend from Easydry has been the gorgeous red towel. Responding to requests from salons for coloured towels, Anne Butterly, launched a vibrant red disposable towel which is ideal for festive flair at Christmas and romantic atmosphere for Mothers Day and Valentines Day. Salons across Ireland and the UK have been snapping up this towel as it is an easy way to add a splash of colour to the salon at special times of the year.


Embrace change and chose the colour that best suits your salon from the extensive Easydry disposable towel range – you can match trends and change colour each month!