Easydry Manicure Towels

Easydry Manicure Towels


Are you looking for lint free desk towels or lint free wipes which are ideal for manicures and pedicures? Look no further. Easydry has a range of products which are luxurious, lint free and ideal for manicures and pedicures in your beauty salon.


As award-winning salon owner Ken Picton, Ken Picton Salon in Cardiff says: “The sense of luxury that the soft, light Easydry hand towels exude matches the same values we aim for at all times and fit with the first-class airport lounge ideal. We use them in our beauty rooms. They are so much softer and absorbent than anything else on the market.”

Irish salon owner Aidan Fitzgerald futher endorses Easydry: “I would recommend them highly to any salon to give a better service.”

Being lint free our towels are ideal for manicures and pedicures but this is not their only benefit. Our desk towels are ideal for you salon as they are disposable, hygienic, easy to use and biodegradable.  Our products can keep nail brushes and nail art brushes clean.


Easydry manicure towels can also be used with cleansers to remove the sticky film after gel polish applications, to remove glitter polish and mop up any spillages quickly and easily.


  • Name of product:                            Easydry Small Towels.
  • Information about the product:     30x20cm, white, biodegradable towels for manicures.
  • Purchase options:                          Smaller quantities and bulk boxes available.