Energy Saving Tips From Easydry

Energy Saving Tips From Easydry

Turn it off. Never leave lights and electrical items on when you’re not using them, especially overnight. Electronic devices left on standby will still be using power. If you find this difficult, you could fit timers to appliances or motion-detecting light switches. And don’t forget to unplug chargers for clippers, mobile phones etc, which use electricity all the time they are plugged in, even when they are not charging.



Embrace the Easydry evolution. Switching to Easydry will save energy and money, with no more washing machines or tumble dryers going constantly to ensure a constant supply of clean towels.


See the light. Make the most of natural light so you can keep the electric lights off. And switch to LED bulbs. They are more expensive to buy, but they will last ages and use a fraction of the energy of all other types of bulbs. They will pay for themselves in the long term, but you could consider replacing a few at a time to avoid an initial huge outlay.


Watch what you heat. Make sure your boiler or heating system is serviced regularly to keep it working at maximum efficiency When it’s time to renew, install the most efficient model possible – usually a condenser boiler for gas systems. Make sure radiators are bled regularly and aren’t blocked by furniture. Use a timer to turn the water heater off 30 minutes or an hour before the salon closes. You’ll still have enough left to finish the day’s clients.


Keep your cool. Use the cooler settings on hair dryers when appropriate. Experiment with the thermostat settings to find a level that’s comfortable for your team and clients without turning the salon into a fridge or a sauna. Turning the temperature control down by just 1°C could reduce your heating bill by as much as 10 per cent.


Power down. Investigate to see if your energy supplier has a green tariff that supports renewable electricity schemes.


Have your fill. Use all your appliances to maximum efficiency. This means defrosting the fridge regularly, ensuring full loads for the dishwasher, and always boiling just the right amount of water when making hot drinks for clients (or the team).


Be aware. Constantly examine every aspect of salon life and look for ways to minimise energy use. Power use meters that plug directly into sockets can show exactly how much energy individual appliances use.