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In December 2015 Great Lengths carried out extensive research on over 1,100 women across the UK.

This research provides a fascinating insight into hair habits and influencers in the UK consumer market.



UK Consumer Haircare Habits


So what did the research tell us about the typical female consumer in the UK?

12% of respondants wash their hair daily

79% dry their hair using a hairdryer after every wash

25% visit their hairdresser only 3 times a year

63% make it to the salon every 8 weeks or less

77% have worn hair extensions

13% are considering hair extensions (most want to boost volume rathern than change colour or length)


UK Consumer Celebrity Influencers


We all know the impact a celebrity can have on a consumer - but who did the UK consumers admit they were influenced by? Great Lengths gave them a list of 14 celebritites and asked them to pick the one who had the most influence on them. So who did they chose?


43% of respondents picked Michelle Keegan

14% of respondents picked Cheryl Fernandez-Versini

09% of respondents picked Rita Ora


UK Consumer Influencers


Apart from celebrity influencers like Michelle Keegan, who else has an impact on the typical female British consumer?


28% are influenced by Bloggers / Vloggers like Zoella or Tanya Burr

21% are influenced by magazines

21% are influenced by family and friends



Blog Sources / Inspiration


Visit Respect to read the original article that inspired this blog: http://respectyou.me/portfolio-item/stats/

Visit Great Lengths to read the results in full: www.greatlengthshair.co.uk

Image courtesy of: @Instagram @Michkeegan-1