Disposable Hot Shave Towels from Easydry

Hot shaves have increased in popularity over the last number of years, with clients realising that the old ways are the best. A hot shave is a pampering experience for men, and not only that but it can be kinder on skin than the normal warm water rush at the sink every morning!


Barbering has become more creative over the years, with new hairstyles and trends emerging that really let barbers showcase their artistic flair. Of course, it has also become more technical, especially when it comes to a hot shave.






The traditional wet shave does what it says on the tin, keeps the skin wet before and during the shave which softens the hairs and also gives an extra layer of moisture to help avoid razor rash. The heat helps to open the follicles, and a high-quality brush will act as an exfoliator on the face. The whole process is more than just hair removal.


The Easydry Thermal Towel is ideal for hot shaves. The patented WaterWeave™ technology ensures that each towel is hygienic and strong, and can be heated or chilled as required. Using Easydry Thermal Towels means that every one of your clients receives a new, fresh, hygienic towel every time. As follicles are opened during the process it’s important to use towels that are clean and won’t cause infections or transmit bacteria.


It can be difficult to fully remove short facial hair from cotton towels during a normal wash. We have had fantastic feedback from barbers who use Easydry Thermal Towels as this problem is completely eliminated with high quality disposable towels. Not only is it more hygienic for your client it also means that laundry will be a thing of the past! Easydry disposable towels save thousands of litres of water each year, as well as freeing up time that was spent doing laundry.


Our ambassador world-renowned barber, educator, and director of the Foss Academy, Chris Foster explains, “My guests love the luxury of having a personal towel at every visit and my team love the convenience. Easydry barber towels and thermal towels are totally hygienic and perfect for male grooming – I love them!”


Gary Machin, Chairman of the Barber Council, is also an Easydry ambassador and he feels that health and safety is something that can often be overlooked in the barbering industry. He feels that using Easydry Thermal Towels are a huge step towards improving these standards. He explains “Some barbers don’t boil wash their towels like they should. Easydry towels are the perfect size and texture for a hot shave and every client receives a new towel, every time. They are the best kept secret in the industry!”