Everyone knows that going to the gym is a sweaty business, but just how hygienic is it?


A study by the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine uncovered some unsettling facts. 63% of gym equipment that was tested was found to contain a virus that causes colds and flu and weights were significantly more contaminated than aerobic equipment.



Nobody likes to think of this while they’re working out, so it’s recommended that each machine is wiped down in between uses and you avoid touching your face during workouts. Aside from the gym equipment, where else are these pesky germs lurking?


The common cotton towel is a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses, and laundering them at a low temperature isn’t guaranteed to get rid of the bacteria or germs. Luckily, Easydry are here to help!


The Easydry Gym Two Pack comprises of a towel for the user and a towel for the equipment, keeping both clean and dry no matter how hard you work out! As our gym towels are disposable there is no need to worry about laundry, and they are environmentally friendly too as they are biodegradable and recyclable. 


There is also our kit bag must-have, the Easydry Shower Towel. Weighing in at just a couple of grams, this incredible shower towel can take up to ten times it’s weight in water. Here’s the science bit - Easydry Sports Towels developed WaterWeave™, a patented technology that uses high-pressure water jets to entangle the natural, chemical-free fibres and high-temperature ovens to dry the fabric and ensure the finished towel is inherently hygienic.


WaterWeave™ means Easydry disposable sports towels can absorb three times more water than a cotton towel without losing integrity and have the capacity to soak up as much as 10 times their own weight in liquid. Easydry towels are so strong and all-round amazing they were the inaugural towel sponsor of ITV’s Ninja Warrior! Why not change the way your clients work out and introduce Easydry towels to your gym? They’ll make life easier for everyone!