Easydry disposable towels were launched almost fifteen years ago. The brand has long been a favourite of salons around the country but what makes it so popular? A number of stylists love that the towel is made from a smooth textile. Using this silky smooth towel, with the Easydry blot dry technique ensures that there is no damage to the hair cuticle. This is particuarly important for clients with delicate, damaged or even curly hair. Client with hair loss and those undergoing treatment for cancer also appreciate the softness of Easydry towels on their skin and hair.

Recently announced ambassadors from the UK, Jamie Stevens and Sophia Hilton from Not Another Salon love using Easydry.

Jamie Stevens Easydry Ambassador

As Jamie explains:


“We are all about five star luxury service. I've got specialists in every single field, of every aspect of hairdressing - from colour specialist to extension specialists, to afro specialists to the best assistants we can find, the best coffee, the best products, the best towels! Easydry towels are a lot softer, you don't really have to rub the hair. With Easydry you simply need to pat the hair dry - so the clients hair, the condition of the hair is much better. Because they're not cotton, for me they're much smoother, they feel silky so they glide through the hair better.”


Sophia Hilton Easydry Ambassador

Sophia Hilton set up her award-winning salon Not Another Salon in London a few years ago. When she set up the salon she wanted to eliminate laundry so that they could focus more on their client:


“I had just opened up the salon and I was terrified about whether I would have enough time and space for laundry. Easydry towels basically meant that I didn't need to have an extra junior and that made a huge difference. I didn't actually know that there were other brands, other than Easydry, if I'm honest. Easydry is like the main brand. It's the one that everyone knows. Well they invented it right? So I never really looked at the idea of another one I just wanted to go to the primary source - who invented it I guess.”


Hooker and Young Easydry Ambassadors

World famous stylists, Hooker and Young, have used Easydry in their salons for a number of years. They love that the towel is smooth and the pat dry technique makes it the ideal towel to use when drying delicate, coloured or curly hair.


“Easydry towels are better for the hair because you don' t have that friction you have with the cotton towel. With Easydry it's much kinder to the hair, it's easier to blot the moisture out of the hair. You get a better result, less disturbance on the hair follicle, the cuticle - it's brilliant. From a condition point of view, I think it's a much kinder product to the hair than a traditional cotton towel. Everything is changing. Everything evolves. So for me, Easydry towels are the evolution of the hairdressing salon towel. Anybody who hasn't got them, is getting left behind. So my advice would be, get on board, take the product. It will change the way your salon runs - definitely.”


If you want to offer your clients the best, why not embrace Easydry today!

Easydry Video featuring Jamie Stevenshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIYheMq9hjI

Easydry Video featuring Sophia Hiltonhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f196V6zNcH4

Easydry Video featuring Hooker & Younghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpGL-54NJRw&t=2s