With sales of certified organic and natural beauty products increasing by 13% last year organic beauty is a big grower in the industry. Clients are more aware than ever of where their products are coming from, with 43% of consumers now actively looking for a certification logo when shopping.


The reason for this is that we want to know where our products come from, we expect simplicity and transparency when dealing with companies. As well as this many customers are actively seeking out salons that are environmentally friendly.


Easydry is an award winning Irish company which can help you go green! Our range of luxurious products will be a winner with your clients and staff alike. We offer environmentally friendly towels and capes which are guaranteed to reduce your water, electricity and time wastage.


Have you noticed an increase in demand for organic products from your guests?



[Data courtesy of the Soil Associations Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Market Report.]