Setting goals and priorities is one thing, but sticking to them is another! As we’re heading into Autumn we thought we’d check in with our followers and see what priorities you have set for your business.

We’re on hand to offer some advice and tips on how to make sure that your salon or barber shop gets to where you want it before the bells ring in 2018! The most popular priorities we find our clients set themselves are revamping the interior of a salon, going green, dealing with stress, improving social media and of course, making more money!


1. Social media is a crucial tool for all salons and many business owners make a resolution to increase their following, post beautiful artistic images and gain more followers. But how many of us actually make this a priority? Tools such as Hootsuite and Tweetdeck are great ways to ensure that you don’t miss a post – by scheduling and planning you can manage all your social media just once a week! Appointing one person in the salon to take charge of managing interaction on social media is also an effective way to make sure that you don’t miss a comment or mention by a client. Investing in a quality camera and ligthing will ensure that all of your photos are insta-worthy!

If your salon is involved in awards, sessions or magazine work then it’s worth stockpiling images so you have a reserve ready to showcase your work during quieter weeks. “How to” videos are one of the most searched on youtube and are a great way to engage with new and existing followers. These can be rotated between staff so that your clients get to know their skills and work better! 


2. Every salon owner has to prioritise revenue to ensure that the business grows and becomes more succesful. As well as making money the smart business person knows that you have to also save money. Thousands of Euros are wasted each year on water, electricity and detergent costs. Did you know that by using Easydry towels you can eliminate detergent costs, and reduce your water bill?! Not to mention the time savings that comes with not having to do laundry, ever again! If you think about that for a moment, no laundry – ever again! Imagine the time and resources that you would free up by saying goodbye to laundry! Diversifying into nails, HD brows, hot shaves and makeup application has been a fantastic new source of revenue for many salons and barber shops across the country.

A lot of freelance makeup and nail artists do not have premises and so it makes sense to partner up with a well know, respected salon. HD brows in particular are a fantastic way to generate income – prices vary per client and the process takes up to an hour. Even three clients a day, 7 days a week would translate into significant income each month for any salon! Eliminating no shows would greatly help with increasing revenue figures. Liz McKeon recently estimated that no shows can cost a salon or barber shop thousands each year.

One pracitcal solution is to implement a strict cancellation policy whereby customers will pay a deposit making it less likely they won’t show. Online booking forms and apps are growing in popularity for this reason, as they send reminders to the client a day before the appointment. Many salons have found it beneficial to call clients who are no shows – a lot of customers will have a genuine reason for missing their appointment and might feel too bad to call back!


3. We all seem to start off each new year promising ourselves that we’ll join the gym, eat well and look after ourselves but do we really?! And how important are these things to our businesses and staff? A recent article by gave some excellent advice on how to fight fatigue and stress in salons. Some of the really useful and practical advice included tips like taking up yoga, improving your posture and eating plenty of fruit and veg. But is there a burden of responsibilty on you as a salon owner to make sure your staff are not too stressed out that it affects their mental health?

The conversation about mental health has gone global and everyone from royalty to celebrities are telling the world that it’s ok not to feel ok. It’s natural that stress will affect us all at work, especially in the high paced, customer facing world of hairdressing. If you notice that some of your staff have become withdrawn or there’s a dramatic change in their performance then it might a good idea to start having casual chats in the salon or barber shop about stress and tiredness. A lot of businesses have started mindfulness mornings and encourage meditation which can set you and your staff up for the busy day ahead.


4. Interiors are one of the first ways that you can make an impact on your clients. Pictures of the interior on your website or social media can also help attract clients into your premises. It’s always a good idea to start planning with a mood board. If you want to make little but noticeable changes to your interior then maybe new mirrors or chairs are a great way to start. A huge trend at the moment is unusual lighting. Many of these light fittings can be made with recycled materials which can help those who are looking to go a bit greener this year!  


5. If going greener is something that you are considering for this year then why not let Easydry help you? All of our high quality towels are environmentally friendly, made from natural fibres and biodegrade in just twelve weeks after use. As opposed to traditional cotton, which is grown on land suitable for farming, takes tonnes of water to grow and manufacture not to mention launder. Easydry disposable towels are also more hygenic – just one Easydry towel is needed per client then it is disposed of, so there is no chance for bacteria to transfer between clients, or staff! Why not have a look around our website and check out some of the other fantastic products we have?

We’d love to hear what your priorities are for this year, and as always if Easydry can help in any way just let us know!