Easydry Small Towel The Easydry small towel is one of those products that you just can’t live without if you’re a salon, barbershop or spa owner. The baby of the Easydry towel family – it’s versatile, absorbent and compact. It’s a solid favourite with all our customers. But what makes it so special?



Our small, multipurpose towel measures 30cm x 20cm and what it lacks in size it makes up for in effectiveness! The uses are endless – our clients report that they use our small towels to dry their hands at the backwash so they’re not wasting a bigger Easydry towel. Small towels look fantastic in a bathroom for clients – they are soft, compact, ultra-absorbent and hygienic. The small towel is also perfect for getting rid of that pesky bit of colour that may have made its way on to a client’s forehead!

Beauticians and salons love the small towel as it’s ideal for beauty treatments, manicures and waxes and is perfect for cleaning up or wiping your hands after an oily massage. Water isn’t the only thing this super towel will absorb! This mini version requires a fraction of the storage space of a normal sized Easydry towel but has all of the same amazing qualities.

If you are looking to save money, water, staff time and salon space you cannot go wrong with the amazing Easydry range of disposable towels. Available in black or white, they are the only alternative to outdated cotton towels. Easydry client Ken Picton wouldn’t be without our products –

"I was always hugely impressed by Easydry. It fits perfectly with our reputation as a prestigious, destination salon. We offer the best in luxury service, with hour-long appointments and the mind-set “respect the client above all”. Easydry offers the most hygienic, sustainable towelling system in the world and with its consistently superb quality finish, it lives up to my and my clients’ high expectations." 

Ken Picton, Ken Picton Salon, Wales, UK


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Easydry Small Towel