Reduce your towel consumption without compromising your guest experience

Do you worry that your staff are using too many towels? Read our tips on how to reduce your towel consumption, get the best from your disposable towels and offer your clients a luxurious service.

ONE: Master the 1 Towel Technique: Use one Easydry towel per client. Check out the Easydry training videos to master the 1 towel technique. This enables you to dry and turban your clients hair using just one towel! 

Master the Easydry One Towel Technique

TWO: Use the Easydry Short Towel: If you want to use a second towel on the shoulders, why not use the Easydry Short Towel. This will reduce your towel costs but still give your clients a great experience at the backwash. 

Easydry Short Towel on a clients shoulders

THREE: Streamline your Colour Service: For colour clients, use the Easdyry Shoulder Cape to protect the clothing. This product works so well that you won’t need to use extra towels under the gown or cape to protect the clothing. With Easydry, your clients will only need 1 Easydry Shoulder Cape to protect their clothing and 1 Easydry Medium Towel to dry and turban the hair at the backwash!

Streamline your colour client experience with the Easydry Shoulder Cape 

Using the right mix of products can ensure that your clients receive the very best and most luxurious experience at the backwash and you eliminate waste!