Easydry USA Presents Salon Zurell


Salon Zurell is owned by Todd and Nikki Zurell and is located in the heart of Plantsville, Connecticut, USA. Salon Zurell is a recent winner of the coveted Top 20 New Salon in the Country Award – this salon is definitely one to watch!

We caught up with Todd to find out more about this award-winning salon.

The atmosphere and décor in our salon is warm and relaxing. We believe that the fundamental of a great look starts with a great cut. Salon Zurell has won the Top 20 New Salon in the Country Award as well as the Best in Hartford County and Best in Town.



Which Easydry products do you use?

We use the Easydry hair towels – our clients love that they get a fresh towel all to themselves on every visit.


How did you first learn about Easydry?

As an eco-salon we understand the importance of using quality, eco-friendly products and we love Easydry.We have been using Easydry towels for over four years now, and heard of Easydry from a distributor that we worked with in Connecticut. 


Why did you decide to switch to Easydry disposable towels?

We are a true environmentally aware salon, and immediately saw the value to us, the customer and the environment by switching to Easdydry. Salon Zurell is part of the Green Circle Salons and we are committed to using products that help the environment.


What environmental savings have you made so far since switching to Easydry towels?

We have been using Easydry for almost five years now, so our washing machine is not used! 


What is the biggest change you have seen so far since making the switch?

We spend less time worrying about laundry and if we have enough towels to get through a busy day. We no longer need to worry about over taxing our hot water heater – it’s been a win all around! Water charges in Connecticut are based on water usage, so it’s great to eliminate constant laundry from the salon.


Easydry USA Case Study with Salon Zurell


Do you have any other eco-initiatives in place in your salon?

  • We love working with companies that promote sustainability.
  • We recently installed Ecoheads, a partner company with Kevin Murphy products.
  • Ecoheads are shower heads that use about 60% less water while doubling the water pressure. 


What makes Salon Zurell stand out from the competition in Connecticut?

We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk! When it comes to hair color we use an ammonia free, PPD free line. In the event that we over mix color, instead of washing it down the drain to enter our water supply we ship it to Green Circle Salons to burn it off as green energy.

And of course, Easydry disposable towels offer our clients a clean, fresh luxurious towel every time!

We truly are an eco-friendly salon. 

To learn more about Salon Zurell you can check them out online: