Spring Clean your Salon with Easydry
Spring Clean Your Salon

This aJanuary, why not spring clean your salon. Here are some key areas that all salons should pay attention to as they ring in the new year and greet 2016:


  1. Front Window: make sure your front window is spotless and freshly painted. Make sure your window display is clean, uncluttered and inviting.
  2. Retail Area: Retail displays should be in easy reach of the waiting area and reception desk to ensure clients are able to browse freely. make sure the retail area is spotless and regularly changed.
  3. Salon Bathroom: salon bathrooms give an overeall impression of the hygiene leve in salon. Maks sure yours is freshly aired, impeccably clean and checked regularly. Why nor order a box of the Easydry Hand Towels to add an air of luxury?
  4. BackWash: Make it your New Years Resolution to get rid of the stacks of stained and scratchy cotton towels for 2016. Instead, use the pristine, luxurious Easydry Disposable Towels. What could you do with the extra space if you got rid of cotton towels and laundry for 2016?
  5. Laundry Room: How much space does your laundry room occupy and how much does it cost? Once you put these figures together, you will be shocked by how much space, and money you are wasting on outdated laundry and old fashioned cotton towels. 


If you would like to make the Easy Switch to Easydry why not place your first order today?