The innovative grace of Easydry

Reducing costs, saving energy and time and trying to be as green as possible are some of the biggest issues that businesses are faced with today.  Although we would all like to do our part to help the environment, sometimes it is difficult to find solutions that go beyond daily waste recycling.   Also, living a green lifestyle or running a green business can sometimes mean higher prices.


However in hairdressing, there seems to be the exception to the rule with Easydry.  With an innovative grace, Easydry has revolutionized the hairdressing industry by creating a product that reduces cost and increases conservation efforts with ease while giving staff more time to do what they love.  It will come as no surprise that the Irish-based company has won top awards across the globe for originality, innovation and sustainability.


Easydry is an irresistible product line, including black and white disposable towels and water and tint resistant capes for salons with branding options available, beauty bed covers for tanning or massage beds and wraps for all those messy treatments.  Business continues to expand across the world, with the eco-towels’ fan base constantly expanding with more and more companies like Leo Bancroft and Andrew Barton and top manufacturers and beauty companies like L'Oreal and Redken signing up.


Salons are incorporating Easydry into their hair maintenance systems because it eliminates the need for washing cotton towels or paying for a laundering service. It also reduces utility bills and carbon footprints through water and electricity conservation.  The disposable towels are also cost-effective and one box can last an average 4 stylist salon for a month.


"Easydry towels have cut our bill by 30 per cent and our carbon footprint by even more, because we don't use detergent, transport, hot water or electricity for laundering anymore," boasts Jon Leonard of Jon Leonard Hair and Beauty, Dublin.


Easydry has implemented the newest technology to make soft, hygienic towel that is so.  super absorbent and with a classy feel that will dazzle and reassure salon clients. With all the extra time saved eliminating the labour of laundering, staff can focus on what's most important, their clients, their staff and their salon.