Easydry Blog on Wedding Hair
Wedding season is definitely upon us, with brides and grooms counting down to the big day! There are a million things to do in the run up to a wedding, and one thing on the list should definitely be hair preparation! Couples plan every detail of their wedding from makeup trials, suit fittings and cake tastings (one of the nicer jobs). Hair care 
should be high on anyone’s to do list, and of course who better to ask for advice than their hair stylist or barber?



Hair stylists and barbers are trusted sources of information when it comes to clients’ hair. They trust their stylist or barber, and know that they will always steer them right. Bridal hair trials are so important for brides, and grooms have to think about how soon before the wedding to get a haircut!



Clients also trust their hairdresser or barber to advise them on the best products to use - which conditioner, wax, serum or gel will work best? This needs to be tried and tested ahead of the most photographed day of their lives! It’s vital to ensure that a bride and groom’s hair is in the best condition possible, so aside from products, what else can they do to keep their hair shiny and strong?



Easydry disposable towels are a sure-fire way to protect hair. Be it dry, damaged, thick or oily hair Easydry disposable towels will absorb three times more water than a cotton towel, and all that’s needed is a gentle blotting instead of rough drying. This significantly minimises hair breakage and damage, as well as ensuring the cuticles remain smooth. Easydry disposable towels are an essential part of any wedding hair preparation! 


Image reproduced with Kind Permission of: https://www.pinterest.ie/pin/479281585322100246/