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What is Easydry?

Easydry is a next-generation, super-absorbent fabric that uses the latest technological innovations in textile design to create luxurious disposable towels and other products that are recyclable and biodegradable and which offer the highest possible levels of hygiene. Made using eco-friendly processes and without the use of chemicals, they provide a sustainable, convenient alternative to cotton towels and the relentless grind of laundering them.

Easydry is a Proven System

Used by the most forward-thinking businesses in the world including Ken Picton, Karine Jackson, Leo Bancroft, Anne Veck and Hooker & Young, Easydry's disposable hairdressing eco-towels are more convenient, absorbent, eco-friendly and hygienic than outdated cotton towels and laundry systems. Even better, using Easydry disposable towels is 25% cheaper than laundering cotton towels.

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Easydry is Life-changing

Are you frustrated with having to rely on laundries that never deliver or washing machines that keep breaking down?

Is one or more of your team constantly loading and unloading towels from the washing machine or tumble dryer instead of looking after clients?

Do you fret about scratchy, stained, discoloured towels being offered to your clients?

Do you panic about having a constant supply of clean, soft and luxurious towels?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, you need Easydry.

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Our amazing Black Starter Pack has everything you need to trial Easydry in your salon and discover your favourite product.

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