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"I was always hugely impressed by Easydry. It fits perfectly with our reputation as a prestigious, destination salon. We offer the best in luxury service, with hour-long appointments and the mind-set “respect the client above all”. Easydry offers the most hygienic, sustainable towelling system in the world and with its consistently superb quality finish, it lives up to my and my clients’ high expectations."

Ken Picton, Ken Picton Salon, Wales, UK


Ken Picton - Easydry Ambassador

Kristian Tognini

Kristian Tognini

Tognini’s Hair Face Body and AKA, Queensland, Australia

"I think Easydry is a great product. A salon will save so much electricity and water using this amazing environmentally friendly product."

University College Birmingham

Theresa Hayes

University College Birmingham, UK

"We use Easydry in our commercial training salon to give it a point of difference, a more upmarket feel. The towels are so hygienic, as we can offer clients a new one every visit, and they are vastly more absorbent than cotton. As it’s a training salon, we are committed to educating our students to understand the value of things, to prepare them for industry, and our policy of one Easydry per client makes that easy. They can really comprehend that everything they do or use has a cost."

Christine Vokins  City of Bristol College, Bristol, UK

Christine Vokins

City of Bristol College, Bristol, UK

"Introducing Easydry into our department had an immediate and dramatic impact on our energy and water use, allowing us to cut both to meet our sustainability targets without driving up costs. It has also proved a winner with students and clients, who love the convenience and hygiene of Easydry."

Mark Leeson Hair, Body & Mind, Mansfield, UK

Mark Leeson

Mark Leeson Hair, Body & Mind, Mansfield, UK

"Easydry is fantastic. I wish it had been around years ago. We save so much time by not continually laundering towels and it has made a massive difference to our monthly electricity bill."

Vogue UK, October 2008

Vogue Magazine

Vogue UK, October 2008

“It's one of those ideas that, once implemented, makes you wonder why no one thought of it before.”


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