Easydry Disposable Towels

Celebrating its tenth birthday in 2015, Easydry has enjoyed a decade of helping salons in the UK to introduce eco-friendly products without sacrificing luxury or convenience. The environmental benefits are not the only ones that salons experience when they make the easy switch to Easydry. Here some Easydry devotees explain the positive changes they have experienced.






Award-winning salon owner Ken Picton has made interior design change based on the space savings he experienced when he switched to Easydry. Easydry not only improved his salon design, it made his salon more efficient as less time was wasted on towel management:


Easydry towels look so fabulous on the shelf; they sit well with our brand so I’ve reintroduced this beautiful walnut cabinet that I bought for the salon as towel storage. We fill up this and the area by the basins, and as the basin towels are used we stock up from the cabinet. It looks good, makes it easy to monitor use and it saves assistants taking the long walk all the way to the back of our 6,500sq ft salon to get clean towels from the stock room”.

Ken Picton, Ken Picton Salon     


Ken is not the only person to realise how the space saving properties of Easydry can change how a salon works. Alan Edwards made the easy switch to Easydry several years ago and reduced the shelf space occupied by cotton towels by 25%, freeing up more space for retail for example:


“With Easydry you reduce the shelf space down to about 25% which is great. Imagine if every salon used Easydry eco-towels, just think of the contribution they'd be making to the environment.“ 

Alan Edwards, Alan Edwards Hairdressing Ltd.


Some salons use the opportunity to make their salon quieter and more modern.  Switching to Easydry means salons can remove their bulky washing machines and noisy tumble dryers, freeing up valuable space in the salon. Katerina Smith used the opportunity to make her salon quieter and organic as she explains:


Easydry towels for  are fresh, clean, soft, biodegradable and economical. The best thing we did was throw away our noisy, time consuming dinosaur washer-dryer and concentrate on creating a modern organic salon with Easydry towels.”

Katrina Smith, Hair Organic.


Eradicating laundry duty in the salon is popular with staff who have more time to focus on clients rather than washing, drying folding and distributing cotton towels around the salons. This can even free up more time for apprentices to focus on training. Byron Salon in Scotland has become a happier and more productive place to work since making the switch to Easydry:

“No one has to worry about pulling the short straw and being on towel duty. The daily grind of laundering towels is a thing of the past thanks to Easydry.“  

Ronnie Marshall, Byron Salon. 


Making the easy switch to Easydry can help salons to save money, time, space and energy in their salon.  We can have no stronger endorsement than that of Ann Herman who has this to say of Easydry towels: 


This is a product that no salon should be without: practical, economic and hygienic.”

Ann Herman, Patron of Honour of the Fellowship of British Hairdressing