The Easydry DressBack in 2011, the creative and talented Easydry team wondered what was the best way to demonstrate how versatile, strong and luxurious the Easydry towel was. They also wanted to come up with a fun competition.


The Easydry Dress was born.


Made entirely from the innovative Easydry disposable towel, which celebrated it's tenth anniversary in 2015, the Easydry dress created a huge buzz at Salon International back in 2011. Our fun competition asked people to guess how many Easydry disposable towels had been used to create the beautiful dress. 


The hugely popular competition was promoted by Hairdressers Journal - to read their online article about the Easydry dress please click HERE.


The Easydry dress or ballgown, which looks good enough to wear, was actually made from 32 Easydry disposable towels.


That exact amount was guessed by Taylor Brignull from Doo-Das salon in Maidstone who won 450 Easydry disposable towels for the salon and a bottle of bubbly.


Easydry - The Better Way To Dry


The Easydry Dress

Image courtesy of Hairdressers Journal at Salon International 2011