Easydry Sports Towel


Is your spa looking for the ideal swimming accessory to retail to your clients?


Vytal has the answer. The company, celebrating ten years of continuous innovation during 2015, and already well know in the hair and beauty industry, recently launched their range of Easydry Sports Towels.





The Easydry Shower Towel, at 135 x 80 cm, is the ideal size for all swimming and for use in saunas. It is lightweight, compact, quick-drying and best of all, disposable. Clients can use this hygienic, absorbent towel multiple times. It takes up very little room in a swimming / kit bag. After your client is finished with it, it can be disposed of and breaks down in a number of weeks.


The towels come in attractive retail boxes, making them a dream to retail to clients. Find out what Easydry can offer you today. www.easydry.com


Easydry Sports Towel Easydry Sports Towel Easydry Sports Towel