Easydry founder Anne ButterlyGrowing a green business

The seeds of the idea for Anne Butterly’s award-winning disposable towels were sown in 2003 when she shared a flat with six friends, one of whom was colouring her hair at home. 

“She walked into the room with a plastic shopping bag on her head and said it was to protect her clothes from the colour,” explains Butterly. “I was surprised there was nothing already on the market for this.”



Anne Butterly had already spent six years working in marketing roles to build up experience on the way to starting her own business. Armed with this experience, and an innovative idea, she researched the towel market, global hairdressing and hair colouring market and became increasingly interested in the global potential of the idea.


“Every day in hair salons around the world hundreds of cotton towels were being washed and then dried, wasting a huge amount of energy and time and not adding to the bottom line. I thought that if I could develop a product that could be used in hairdressing as an alternative to washing and drying towels or getting stained towels, there would be a market for it.”


The Easydry towel took a year and a half to develop.  As Anne explains: “We could have gone out and made a really cheap product and mass marketed it but I wanted a product that I could stand behind. Our eco credentials have always been hugely important to me. ” 


Anne describes the Easydry disposable towel product as being more convenient, compact, absorbent and hygienic than a traditional cotton towel. Easydry towels also cost 25pc less than laundering cotton towels, she says. The towel and all of the packaging are 100% compostable and break down in just 12 weeks. The towel has also achieved coveted FSC Certification.


When Easydry was launched in 2006 considerable work was required to convince the market of its benefits. But the  early adopters were quick to see the advantages, she says. “In any new region we go into the same kind of people want to benchmark themselves against global companies and want to bring in new products and improve standards.” Easydry is proud to include Hooker & Young, Ken Picton, Andrew Barton and green guru Anne Veck as Easydry fans and brand ambassadors in the UK.


Now, Easydry sells into 22 countries, including the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the US, Finland, Iceland, Malta, Austria and South Africa. According to Anne, Easydry products are now being used by all the top hairdressing salons in its core markets, which currently include Ireland, the UK and Australia.  Over the past ten years the Easydry prdouct range has expanded and now includes a range of disposable beauty products and the disposable hair towel is now available in a range of different colours.


2015 is set to be an exciting year for Easydry and for Anne Butterly personally, as Easydry celebrates its tenth anniversary. Anne and her team are busy planning a year long celebration with a busy calendar of events.