Easydry was delighted to collaborate with renowned barber, Chris Foster, on a hot towel shave "how to" for Professional Hairdresser Magazine.


Chris Creates: Hot Towel Shave


Well guys, I hope you gave last month's step-by-step a go. Welcome to the hot towel shave, a valuable skill to have up your sleeve. Enjoy. Chris Foster.

Hot Towel Shave with Easydry, Chris Foster and Jack Dean

1. Make a thorough assessment of the clients features analysing growth patterns. Complete a consultation prior to shaving. There are factors that affect the way you carry out a shave: hair growth patterns, scarring, skin tags or moles, hair texture - fine, medium or coarse, density of the beard and facial features.


2. Ensure that the collar area is clear and apply a suitable protective gown. An Easydry Towel prevents excess product from going onto clothing.


3. Jack Dean Cleanser eliminates bacterium that causes infection it also removes all toxins, perspiration and impurities.


4. Adding water at this stage is the first introduction of hydration to the skin. Hydration is essential for a close comfortable shave. The massage technique activates blood circulation that stimulates the skins renewal process.


5. Remove all residue of the cleanser with the Easydry Shave Towel.


6. Apply a hot towel. A hot towel lubricates the skin, opens the pores and softens the hair cuticles. The heat from the towel dilates the blood vessels under the skin surface while relaxing the muscles and the client.


7. Lather up with the Jack Dean Shaving Soap. The Shaving Brush softens and lifts the beard whiskers of the face. It brings the right amount of warm water to the skin during the shaving process maintaining good levels of hydration and lubrication.


8. Keep the razor at the correct cutting angle. When using the razor, do not apply too much pressure - it will irritate the skin, removing too many surface cells.


9. The shave strokes should be overlapping about 1.5 inches long. There are two strokes, forehand and backhand. The skin must always be stretched tat before carrying out the stroke with the razor.


10. The tension hand is placed behind the razor so that the skin can be stretched or pinched before carrying out each stroke. This enables a close shave and reduces the risk of cuts.


11. Another hot towel is used to maintain heat and hydration to the skin.


12. Shave in the direction of growth. This first shave will remove approximately 80% of the hair length. If you want a closer shave or if the beard is too thick you will need a second stroke. You should re-lather then shave either across or against the grain. The first stroke delivered against the grain can cause razor burn or skin irritation. When the hair is shorter there is far less risk of razor burn, skin irritation and in-growing hair.


13. Toner helps to restore the pH balance quickly. Toners can help close and tighten the pores after shaving, thus reducing the penetration of impurities and environmental contaminants into the skin.


14. Aftershave Balm: moisturisers add a protective layer, until the skin can regenerate its own protective layer. it re-balances, replenishes nutrients, conditions, soothes and firms.


15. Use a towel to cool the skin down. This helps to matify the moisturiser. Download the layar app and scan the page to watch the full video.


Reproduced with kind permission of Professional Hairdresser. .


Download the Layar App and scan the page to watch the full video.


Hot Towel Shave with Easydry, Jack Dean and Chris Foster


Author: Professional Hairdresser