Easydry Large Towel on Male Model

Male Grooming Market Growth

We posted recently about the influence celebrities and magazines have on female consumers in the UK. Hot on this heels of that research by Great Lengths comes this data from the NPD Group in an article published by Professional Spa Wellness. They say that celebrity culture and a focus on men’s fitness is currently driving the UK male grooming market.


The article states that the male grooming market in the UK rose between 2014 and 2015 by 2.6%. And in terms of financial growth, this market grew from £438.2 Million to £449.5 million in the same time period – a significant increase by any standards!




Male grooming continues to report growth across all sectors and we predict that this will continue to rise. Men are upgrading their grooming regimes by switching to prestige brands as they are prepared to spend more money on quality skincare brands.” Teresa Fisher, senior account manager, UK Beauty for the NPD Group.



It is believed that the increase in well-groomed, fit men currently dominating advertising, the media and online is thereason behind this sector growth. There is an unprecedented focus currently on men’s fashion, men’s grooming and men’s style. This focus is coming from multiple sources; from David Beckham and Ronaldo in sports to George Clooney and Ryan Reynolds in Hollywood.


But which sector has experienced the biggest growth? It is believed that skincare is the biggest growth within male grooming with an increase from £27.6 M in 2014 to £29.5 M in 2015 – this is 6.6% of the overall male grooming market in 2015. The biggest male grooming categories were facial moisturisers, treatment shave products, body cleansers and anti-aging items. Are women getting left behind? Women’s skincare grew by just 2.3% in the same timeframe. It is believed that the male grooming is in it’s infancy and is still largely untapped.


Wise salons can capitalise on this trend by creating male grooming services aimed at this new market sector. Reivew what your potential clients want and create a new service to cater for them.


If you decide to create new male grooming services, why not embrace the Easydry Short Towel? At 60x30cm it is the ideal towel size for all male grooming from barbering to facials. Available in black and white - these colours are ideal for chic male grooming services. 



Easydry Large Towel on Male Model


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