There are few products as versatile as the Easydry medium disposable towel. Measuring in at 80cm x 43cm and weighing practically nothing, every salon needs this powerful towel in their corner.

Disposable hair towels are the way of the future, and Easydry is the original and best.

Disposable salon towels eliminate the need for laundry, so straight away there are huge savings to be made on electricity, space, detergent and water. Aside from these obvious savings there is also staff time to consider. Junior staff and apprentices no longer need to spend their days at the washing machine, instead they are free to be on the floor and learn their craft.


The medium disposable towel is eco-friendly and will biodegrade within twelve weeks after use. They can simply be added to a recycling or compost bin, disposal couldn’t be easier. It takes less water to create one Easydry medium disposable towel than it does to wash one single cotton towel – that’s something to think about!


A salon with eight stylists would save 120,000 litres of water a year simply by switching to Easydry disposable towels. If every salon in the world did that imagine the positive environmental impact that would have! The Easydry medium disposable towel is ideal for just about any task. Its super absorbency means that it is perfect for around clients’ shoulders at the backwash while washing hair. The same towel can then be used to wrap around the hair. Only one towel is needed per client! The medium disposable towel can be easily made into a turban as the innovative material is super soft and strong.


The medium towel is kind to skin and hair – perfect for hair extensions, curly or textured hair, coloured hair, fragile hair and natural hair. The texture of the Easydry medium towel means that excess water is absorbed from the hair by a gentle blotting motion, so the cuticles are protected as there is no need to rough dry the hair. This leads to less tangles, healthier hair and improved condition.


Hooker and Young are award winning hairdressers who believe that cotton is a thing of the past. They explain -

“We have used Easydry disposable towels for the last seven years, and there is nothing better out there. Cotton is a thing of the past. It seems weird now to think of using cotton! Our staff and clients have really embraced Easydry towels. They absorb more water, and take up less space when it comes to storage. There are no worn, dirty towels in the salon anymore. Economically it was a great decision! Clients want products that are personal, luxurious and hygienic and Easydry ticks all these boxes.”


The real question is why wouldn’t every salon and barber shop switch to Easydry disposable towels?

Leave cotton towels and traditional laundry methods in the past – embrace the future with Easydry – The better way to dry.

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