Red Disposable Towels from Easydry

Red disposable towels from Easydry are a fun and simple way to introduce a splash of festive colour to your salon without blowing the budget or costing the earth. Your clients will love their festive Easydry red disposable towels.

Only available from Easydry, these exclusive towels are a winner at Christmas and over the entire festive season.

Ensure your clients receive the best towel at Christmas and ensure your staff have time to focus on their valuable clients instead of on laundering cotton towels. This festive season, make the most of your time and ensure you can spend time productively, instead of wasting time on the boring chore of salon laundry.

Red Disposable Towels from Easydry   Black Disposable Towels from Easydry  White Disposable Towels from Easydry


The same size as the incredibly popular black disposable towels and white disposable towels from Easydry - at 80x43 these towels are the better way to dry hair in your salon. 

Why not order Red Disposable Salon Towels from Easydry today and don't forget to tweet us pictures of your delighted clients using the hashtag #EasydryRed @easydryintl - We can't wait to hear from you.