Easydry Trade Show Tips

Celebrating it’s 10th birthday in 2015, Easydry has vast experience in exhibiting at and attending trade Shows around the globe from Ireland to Australia and in a number of sectors from beauty to hair and fitness.

Here are some insider tips for your business.




As a business, why should you attend a trade show?


New Products: One of the best reasons is to see new products. All brands aim to launch new products at trade shows to ensure they launch to the biggest audience possible. This is the best time to check out new products, speak to the expert staff in person and try the product yourself.


Try before you buy: Most people feel more comfortable parting with money once they have tried a product themselves – trade shows are the best places to do this. Aim to get to the show as early as you can and know which brands you want to see first – this will ensure that you get the time you need.


Special Offers: A number of brands will offer “show special offers” at trade shows. This can be the best time to buy a ne product. They may also have smaller quantities available so you may not need to commit to a huge quantity for your first order.


Networking: Trade shows can be a great way to build up your professional network. Make arrangements to meet other salan professionals that you might not have met before or that you might not get a chance to meet very often. You can also get a chance to meet experts from brands you might be interested in. Use trade shows as a chance to build your professional network.


Fun: Let’s be honest, trade shows can be fun. It’s a chance to get out of the salon, try new products and meet new people. Make sure you balance the business opportunities with a little fun.


Top 5 Tips for the getting the most from your trade show visit:

  1. Review the brands exhibiting at the show and decide which ones you would like to visit.
  2. Plan your route around the show to ensure that you call to the stands you want to see most earlier in the day.
  3. Plan to get there as early as you can to make the most of your time and to minimise the amount of time you waste in traffic. Public transport options can be the most efficient way to travel.
  4. Wear comfortable clothes. There is is nothing worse than wearing uncomfortable shoes or heavy coats at a show.
  5. After the show, check the validity period of any special offers to make sure you avail of them before they expire.