UK Water Charges and Deregulation
UK Water Charges are set to change in the very near future according to a recent article in Salon Business Magazine. It says that huge changes in water charges are due to come into effect, but that these changes could benefit salon owners.From April 2017, English businesses will be able to purchase water and wastewater from a supplier of their choice. This will hopefully increase competition and drive prices down, giving businesses more choice.


Salons currently use huge quantities of water on washing hair, flushing toilets and on laundering cotton towels. In fact, you could waste up to 5L of water laundering just one cotton towel, once!


Whatever effects deregulation has on salons in England, you should try to reduce your water consumption and reduce your costs. Here are some helpful hints to help you to do this in your salon / barbers:


1.   Stop that drip. It might not seem much, but a dripping tap can mean money down the drain. One drop of water a second means 8-10,000 litres of wasted water a year.

2.   Restrict it. Fitting a simple mesh restrictor to handsets can cut water use at the backwash by 50%.

3.   Hold the flow. Switch the water off while you shampoo and between rinses.

4.   Bust the flush. If you don’t have a dual-flush toilet, put a plastic container full of stones in the cistern to reduce the amount of water flushed down the drain unnecessarily.


5.   Switch to the better way to dry. Our clients have saved nearly 200 million litres of water since we launched our eco-friendly Easydry disposable towels back in 2005. Using Easydry will save you water, energy and hassle.


If you would like to learn more about using Easydry instead of cotton towels in your business, why not place your first order today!