Easydry blog on Unicorn Hair

Unicorn Hair – a myth or reality!?


There has been an influx of mythical creatures featuring in modern culture, from mermaids to unicorns and this has extended into the world of hair! Unicorn hair is the latest trend that we are seeing in salons and of course social media, with people showing off their new multi coloured styles.




One of the reasons this trend is so popular is that the aesthetics are all about iridescence, glitter, rainbows and shimmer – all of which tie in perfectly with the creative world of hair and beauty. To dig a bit deeper, unicorns have traditionally represented goodness, purity, beauty and youth. On a purely superficial level, who doesn’t want a bit more glitter in their lives!?


One salon that is taking this to a new level is Not Another Salon in London, who use glitter to full effect when colouring hair. Check out their Instagram page for some amazing videos of the process - https://www.instagram.com/notanothersalon/

Easydry Blog on Unicorn Hair featuring Not Another Salon

Salon director Sophia Hilton believes in being yourself, and spreading a bit of love in the world! This extends to her clients’ hair – the health of your hair is their priority. This is one of the reasons Sophia swears by Easydry towels, not only are they environmentally friendly but the super absorption of the towels means that rubbing and breaking of hair is minimised. It’s a win win!


*Images reproduced with kind permission of: www.americansalon.com, Pinterest Hair to Dye For, www.notanothersalon.com