Easydry - the alternative to laundering towels

Salons sometimes ask, why do we need to provide the client freshly laundered towel? There are many reasons for this.

Here are the top 3 answers from Easydry Disposable Towels ...




1. Client Expectation: Clients expect a freshly laundered towel each time they visit the salon. Research shows that if a client thought the cotton towel used on them was not freshly washed and dried, they would move to another salon.

Easydry disposable towels - a clean, fresh towel, every client, every time.

2. Hygiene: Dirty towels or towels that are simply tumble dried between clients can harbour germs and bacteria like MRSA or even infectious diseases like Conjunctivitis! Keep your clients safe and ensure your towels are clean and fresh every time.

MRSA can survive on poorly laundered towels - use Easydry instead

3. Disposable Towels like Easydry: You do not need to provide a freshly laundered towel - you could provide your clients with a pristine single-use Easydry towel. This ensures that you provide your clients with clean, fresh towels - every client, every time.

Easydry Disposable Towels ensure a clean fresh towel - every client, every time.

Easydry Disposable towels offer salons the convenience of disposable towels but without compromising on your standards. Easydry towels are luxurious, super-absorbent and environmentally-friendly.


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