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Disposable Towels

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Disposable Towels

Disposable towels from Easydry have been taking the world by storm for over ten years. Salons in the USA, Canada, Australia and the UK have already made the easy switch to Easydry disposable towels and are reaping the benefits. So why should you make the switch?

Disposable Towel – Benefits

So just what benefits can you expect when you make the switch to Easydry disposable towels?

  • Time Savings – when you eliminate laundry, you will be amazed at the amoung of time you will save. What you do with that time, is up to you …
  • Space Savings – you can convert your costly laundry room into revenue generating space like a new backwash area or a new styling station!
  • Cash Savings – cotton towels and laundry are expensive. Consider the cost of buy towels and machines, electricity, water and detergent. And don’t forget staff time.
  • Eco Savings – laundering 1 cotton towel once can waste 5 Litres of water. The average 4 stylist salon could save 60,000 litres of water by using Easydry disposable towels.

Disposable Towels – Product Range

Easydry has a full range of products to suit every business. The Easydry disposable towel is available in small sizes to suit beauty salons, medium sizes to suit hair salons and barbers and large sizes to suit gyms, beauty salons and more. This incredible product is available in a variety of colours inclduing Black, White and even Red – please check with your Easydry representative on what colours are available in your area). If you would like to try a small quantity, we have trial boxes and a starte pack available that allows you to try these incredible products before moving on to a larger quantity.

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