Easydry USA recently sat down with Cynthia Alex and Olga Montoy from Keema Salon, an Aveda Lifestyle Salon in Illinois to find out why they made the easy switch to Easydry disposable towels.


The Decision to Switch

Cynthia and Olga explained how they had experienced so many problem with cotton towels and traditional laundry. They regularly ran out of clean towels on busy days and sometimes even ran out of hot water which is a nightmare for all salon owners. They explained how Easydry means they no longer need to use the washing machine and tumble dryer. This simple change leaves plenty of hot water for shampooing clients and it allows their team to focus on their clients instead of laundry.


Easydry is Mission-Aligned

Cynthia explained that as an Aveda Lifestyle Salon, making eco-friendly choices that are kind to the planet is extremely important to them. She says: ” for us, Easydry is mission-aligned, Period!” They care about their impact on the planet and about water conservation

Easydry eco-towels are made from sustainably-harvested wood pulp, they are 100% biodegradable and will break down within about 90 days – compared to cotton towels which take years to biodegrade.  The process used to make Easydry is much more eco-friendly then cotton-towel production and because Easydry towels are kind to skin and hair,  they leave the hair in better condition. This sets the foundation for the best haircut and color results which means happy clients and happy stylists.


Potential Savings

By making the switch to Easydry, Keema in one year could make the following savings:

  • 5,508.00 to 6,732 units (kWh) in electricity
  • 2996.35 to 3,662.21 Kg in CO2 emissions
  • 91,000 L of water
  • 918 Hours of staff time (currently wasted on doing laundry)


Cynthia and Olga explain: “The amount of water saved was a huge eye-opener for us!  We learned from the owner and creator of Easydry, Anne Butterly, that choosing to use 1 Easydry towel is 3 times more absorbent than a regular salon towel and saves 5 Liters of water from being wasted.” Wow!


Article reproduced with kind permission of Sharon Nykaza and Keema Salon.

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