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Introduction Go Green

Switching to Easydry is a positive step to a more sustainable business. It covers the three Ps of sustainability –better for your Planet, your People (clients and team) and your Profits. However, there are other steps you can take that, along with Easydry, will make your salon even more eco-friendly and your business more cost-efficient.

But how do you find out what they are? In 2013 we were approached by a hairdresser turned academic, Danielle Mills, who was just completing her Masters. Her research revealed that there was no single independent source where a business owner could go for information on how to be greener. So working with Danielle, we have dedicated this area of our website to building a resource rich with information on sustainability, green businesses and eco-friendly initiatives.

We hope to build, with your contributions as much as ours, a fountain of knowledge full of useful

droplets of advice. We’ve got a Q&A section where you can seek out familiar issues and case studies showing what other salons have done as well as tips on the little and the big ways you can Go Green.

If you have any queries about how to Go Green, message us and, if we can’t answer it, we’ll track down someone who can. This way, we’ll keep building the resource into something that we hope you will find useful.

How can your Salon Go Green?

Small changes can make a big difference in your salon. Clients are increasingly aware of green issues and keen to play their part, So keeping them informed about how you are greening your salon makes good business sense. Anne Butterfly, CEO of disposable towl pioneer Easydry, explains how.

Water Conservation

  • Stop that drip. It might not seem much, but a dripping tap can mean money down the drain. One drop of water a second means 8 – 10,000 litres of wasted water a year.
  • Restrict it. Fitting a simple mesh restrictor to handsets can cut water use at the backwash by 50%.
  • Hold the flow. Switch the water off while you shampoo and between rinses.
  • Switch to the better way to dry. Easydry clients have saved nearly 500 million litres of water since we launched our eco-friendly Easydry disposable towels back in 2005. Using Easydry will save you water, energy and hassle.
  • Bust the flush. If you don’t have a dual-flush toilet, put a plastic container full of stones in the cistern to reduce the amount of water flushed down the drain unnecessarily.

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