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Gym Testimonials

Ian Haynes, Totnes, UK

Easydry is perfect for the gym. It’s irritating having to bring your own towel to the gym, but it’s better than using one of the reused towels they hire out. Yuk! The management try hard, but the towels are scratchy and a bit stained. I’m big on hygiene, so a single-use towel is perfect.

Ian Haynes
Totnes, UK

Jan Anderson, Edinburgh, UK

The first time I tried Easydry marked the last time I put a cotton towel in my gym kit. Easydry is much more comfortable than a cotton towel to sit or lie on when you’re on the equipment. It isn’t scratchy or lumpy, it doesn’t fluff and yet it’s really absorbent.

Jan Anderson
Edinburgh, UK

Peter Grey, London, UK

I much prefer Easydry – it’s so convenient not having to take your own towel. You can just dispose of it afterwards. But the fact that they’re green and save water is why every pool should stock them. We’ve started buying them to take sailing, too.

Peter Grey
London, UK

Rachel Cabble, Kendal, UK

Easydry is brilliant. I pick mine up at the gym, use it to lie on when I’m working out and then drop it in the recycling when I’m done. It is so much more convenient than having to remember a towel, carry it around with me then cart it home to wash because it’s so sweaty.

Rachel Cabble
Kendal, UK

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