Salon Today – what if you never had to do salon laundry again?


Ok maybe never doing laundry again is an overstatement, but at Keema Salon, an Aveda Lifestyle Salon in Burr Ridge, IL, co-owner Cynthia Alex has discovered a way to drastically reduce time spent in the laundry room, and at the same time, support her salon’s eco-conscious mission and philosophy.

“We brought in Easydry towels about a year ago,” Alex reveals. “We wanted to try something new and we discovered Easydry is aligned with the lifestyles and mindsets of many of our clients who seek out ways to do their part in their daily lives for the environment.”

For those new to the concept, Easydry is a disposable, premium eco-towel that cuts down on the loads and loads of towels that most salons launder. That means massive savings in water and energy. Easydry towels can be used once and then they can be given to the client to take home and re-use at home. If any clients chose not to take their towel with them, the salon can re-use them for cleaning.

And though they’re disposable, they don’t end up in landfills. Easydry towels are actually 100 percent compostable. To prove it to yourself and your clients, try this visual demonstration: Place an Easydry towel in a clear glass bowl with a plant. This “science experiment” will demonstrate how the towel slowly breaks down and composts in just 12 weeks.

In her barber shops, where nicks and scrapes are daily occurrences, Megan Praner, owner of two Tailor Barber locations in Chicago, feels Easydry towels are much more sanitary than standard cotton towels. “We use them once and throw them away,” she says. “We use them as neck strips and the black towels fit perfectly with our esthetic. They’re so effective, and not a single client has noticed the difference and wondered where the cotton towels went.”

At Keema, clients actually have noticed, and they’re thrilled. “They love the towels and they love the concept,” says Alex.

You love the earth and so does Easydry. Here are all the eco-friendly details.

For any salon with a laser focus on client care, Easydry’s most valuable benefit is saving time. “Our barbers can spend their time with our customers instead of doing the laundry,” says Praner. Agrees Alex, “Easydry lets us spend less time with the washer and dryer and more time on the client experience.”

Another efficiency-booster is the fact that Easydry towels are delivered straight to the salon, pre-folded and ready to go. “They’re really easy to order and easy to use,” confirms Praner.

The holidays are here, and that means full books and long days. Why not follow the leads of Cynthia Alex and Megan Praner and commit to spending these busy days with your clients instead of your washing machine?

Do the numbers! Get a complimentary custom analysis on how much water and resources your salon can save with Easydry.

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