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Manicure Towels


Are you looking for lint free manicure towels or lint free manicure wipes which are ideal for manicures and pedicures? Look no further. If you want to make your clients feel pampered but your faded, frayed and scratchy cotton towels are letting you down, Easydry has the answer.

Easydry has a range of manicure towels which are luxurious, lint free and ideal for manicures, pedicures and a wide range of treatments in your beauty salon or nail bar.

Easydry manicure towel          

Why do people love the Easydry towels for manicures?


"At Polished PerfectSM by Twila True, we strive to reduce our consumption of water resources and energy while providing a luxurious escape for our guests. We proudly feature and use EasydryTM Professional Premium Towels which uses a new generation textile drying material that guarantees complete hygiene and environmental sustainability. Made from natural fibers, each Easydry Towel saves up to ¾ gallon of water vs. conventional cotton towels and laundry systems.  The disposable towels are ideal for manicures and are the perfect match for the high standards we offer our guests with every service." Amanda Johnson.

Easydry Disposable Manicure Towels


It is a common misconception that it is nice to have thick, luxurious cotton towels on the desk for manicures, but to offer your clients the best service, it is much easier to use a thinner towel which makes it easier to wrap the hands (or feet). A flatter towel is also more hygienic as the nail dust doesn't sit in the depth of the towel. 

Many salons believe that dark towels look best in a salon, however dust produced during manicures and nail treatments can leave dark towels looking dirty very quickly. Dark towels also fade quickly. We believe that Easydry White Manicure Towels show that what you are using is clean and hygienic and reassures clients that the towels haven't been previously used on another client.

Being lint free, Easydry disposable manicure towels are ideal for manicures and pedicures but this is not their only benefit. Our disposable manicure towels are ideal for your salon as they are single use, hygienic, easy to use and biodegradable.

Easydry offers a variety of lint-free disposable towels that can be placed under a client's hand for a soft, clean surface during manicures. The towels can also can be used as a wiping aid - they can be used with cleansers to remove the sticky film after gel polish applications, to remove glitter polish and mop up any spillages quickly and easily. Our products can keep nail brushes and nail art brushes clean.

Unlike some other disposable manicure towels in the market, Easydry is made from 100% wood fibre and does not contain polyester, this means our towels are 100% biodegradable. this means you can enjoy the convenience of a Disposable Manicure Towel, without guilt about the environment. 


Easydry manicure towel


What sizes of manicure towels are available?


Easydry disposable manicure towels are available in a number of sizes, colours and quantities. Here is an overview of the products ideally suited to beauty salons and spas - click on the links below for more information on the products:


We have full boxes of each size in addition to smaller boxes which may suit a first order or a salon with limited space. Leave paper towels and lint filled cotton towels or microfibre in the past and embrace the way of the future. Call us today to find out how the Easydry disposable manicure towel range could meet the needs of your salon. Or email us on info@easydry.com


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