Easydry Blog on 4D Hair
4D hair colour has taken off in America, with stylist Matt Rez leading the charge. Matt is a colourist in Beverly Hills in Meche Salon, and says that the futuristic 4D colouring guarantees a perfect, flattering blonde, red or brunette for each client.



Touted as the next balayage, 4D colouring also gives a dark root with a lighter tip but the key is the transition from top to bottom. The technique has nothing to do with graphics, or holograms despite the name! Rather it is focused on 4 elements, level, tone, horizontal colour and vertical colour. Here’s the science bit!


  1. Level: the client decides how light or dark they’d like their hair to be.
  2. Tone: do they want warm or cool colours?
  3. Horizontal colour: this is essentially blending the darker roots with the lighter tips.  
  4. Vertical colour: gives the client a neutral base that makes the highlights and lowlights pop!


The point of the four components is to give the hair a cohesive look, that each strand compliments the other. We think it’s definitely the new colour trend of 2017! Melting the horizontal and vertical colours together over a neutral base really makes the colour pop – ensuring Insta ready hair every time! 


Easydry Blog on 4D Hair


Image reproduced with kind permission of @colorbymattrez (Instagram)