Easydry Trichology The better way to dryA recent article in Professional Hairdresser focussed on Trichology. Several industry experts were consulted including Ian Sallis who is a consultant trichologist for several private hospitals throughout the UK. 


This got us thinking about why Easydry really is "The Better Way To Dry" ...


When asked if rubbing hair with a towel causes damage Ian Sallis replied:




"If you do it very vigorously yes, your hair is very prone to damage when it is wet because it is full of water it's "tensile" strength is depleted until it is dry, rubbing it will cause friction between the hairs and will rough up the cuticle causing the hair to become damanged (split ends, knotting etc.) so be gentle with hair when wet!"


This got us thinking, that Easydry really is "The Better Way to Dry".


Made with two types of patented textile, the smooth fibres of Easydry are kind to hair while making a textile that is strong, super-absorbent and hygienic.


Also, as Easydry is super absorbent, you can use a gentle blotting motion to dry the hair. This avoids the rough drying that is so commen with cotton towels. 


Both of these aspects, ensure that Easydry is The Better Way To Dry!



The quotation from Ian Sallis is reproduced with kind permssion of Professional Hairdresser Magazine.


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