Easydry Black Hair Towel

When Anne Butterly created the first ever disposable eco-friendly towel  with its unique layering system that soaks up water more effectively than any conventional cotton towel it took serious time and extensive research. But she got there in the end and thousands of businesses around the world now benefit.


However, when she was asked to develop the eco-towel in black, Anne, the creator of Easydry and its managing director, faced an even greater challenge.


"The difficulty was creating a towel with the right depth of colour without compromising on the absorbency," she explains.


She got there though, and the jet black towel is a thing of beauty: soft, highly absorbent and a deep, consistent shade of black. When compared to the original white disposable, the black towel matches up perfectly. Now salons have a choice when buying from Easydry.


Award winning salon owner Russell Eaton is adamant Easydry towels 'just look more professional' than cotton versions and clients agree. They feel they are being taken care by receiving an exclusive-to-them, hygienic towel each visit.


But the benefits  go beyond the client experience. 'It has freed us from the endless cycle of washing and drying towels,' explained Frank O'Keefe, when he was the technical director of L'Oreal Dublin Academy. 'But more, Easydry saved us money on laundry bills and without cloth towels piled up we had more storage space.'


Hairdressers love the look, efficacy and cost-effectiveness of Easydry, but they also feel good about using a product that has been proven time and again to be good for the environment. Both black and white towels, as well as the gowns and capes now available, are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Jon MacLeod, creative director  of Edinburgh's Paterson SA salon group uses Easydry's black towels as part of their own personal environmental policy. 'We have already seen a reduction in electricity used. The savings from not using a tumble dryer alone are huge.'