Like most industries today barbers face many challenges in establishing and running a successful barber shop. Here are Easydry’s Top Tips for barbers!


Stand out from the crowd: Everyone is competing for customers in the same market so you need to make sure that people want to come to you, and keep coming back. One great way to stand out is with interiors – lots of barbers have incorporated reclaimed furniture, unusual wall prints and even motorcycles into their interiors! One barber shop that we love is the Gentleman’s Retreat in Doncaster. Owner James loves antiques and interior design, and you can tell. The shop is full of ornaments, trinkets and includes a stunning prohibition themed bar!

Set the right price: It can be hard to distinguish yourself in a sometimes over-saturated market, and one way is to make sure you offer clients value for money. Though of course you can’t price yourself out of the market either! So how do you set the best price for your services? Your business plan should be the first port of call – what footfall are you anticipating each week? Will this revenue cover your fixed and variable outgoings? Competitors are of course a source of information when it comes to pricing – it’s advisable to keep in line with what your local competitors are offering. Focus on what makes your shop stand out, and trust that customers will want to pay to avail of your services.


Insurance: One of your fixed costs, insurance for barber shops makes sure that you are protected as well as your customers. Barbers work with sharp objects, electrical equipment and often hazardous materials. There are so many insurance firms and brokers offering reduced rates and special deals for this sector that it’s really worth shopping around. As with most products, don’t take the first quote you’re offered, rather shop around and try to haggle as much as possible!


Advertising and marketing: You can spend as much as you like on marketing, but you can’t beat word of mouth! And of course, your work will speak for itself. Digital marketing is an extremely cost-effective way to get your name and brand out there, with lots of barbers using Instagram to promote their work. We live in an extremely fast paced world where information is consumed in seconds, so platforms like Instagram and Facebook are ideal for making a big impact, fast. Barbering is a visual industry and social media has helped thousands build a brand for very little cost.


Staffing: They say no man is an island, and no barber can succeed without an expert team around them! 93% of barber shops have less than 10 staff members, so it’s important that your staff are engaged and happy. Training and mentoring are ways you can keep staff motivated, ensuring that they feel valued and their career matters.


Manage your expenses: 48% of people working in barbering and hairdressing are self-employed, so it’s crucial that business expenses are managed correctly. Keeping receipts, hiring an accountant and staying on top of admin are just some of the ways that self-employed barbers can make life a bit easier. The right materials will make your shop – chairs, scissors and mirrors for example are essentials for every barber shop. It pays to be clear about what you can write off against your tax returns, so be sure to double check this with your accountant. The products you use also impacts your clients, do you only use one brand or do you offer a range of products?


Hygiene: This is an area that has become increasingly important in the barbering industry. It can be very difficult to fully remove short hairs from cotton towels, especially if they are not washed at a high enough temperature. Cotton towels are a breeding ground for bacteria and germs, and clients expect the highest hygiene standards these days. The Easydry single use thermal towel is ideal for a hot shave - each client receives a new, fresh, clean luxurious towel every time. Easydry ambassador and Barber Council Chairman Gary Machin swears by Easydry towels. He says - “Easydry disposable towels are the best kept secret in the industry. Health and safety from an industry point of view needs to be raised and Easydry towels are a huge step towards raising these standards. I use the short black towels, I was hooked straight away! My clients noticed the difference too as the thermal towels hold heat, are sterile and look great.”



Utilities: As soon as you open the door of your barber shop you’re spending money. Electricity, water, internet and phone bills are a staple in every business, not to mention business rates. While some utility bills can be fixed, such as business rates and internet, there are some that are outside of your control. Electricity and water are two huge outgoings – but luckily Easydry can help reduce these! Over the past decade Easydry customers have saved the water equivalent of 89 Olympic swimming pools, and the energy equivalent of boiling 153 million kettles. All of our customers have reported huge savings in electricity, money, water and staff time. Our high quality disposable towels eliminate the need for laundry completely, and ensure that each client receives a fresh, individual towel. This means that Easydry disposable towels are also more hygienic than cotton. We do a fantastic range of disposable short towels and thermal towels, why not have a look at our starter pack?


Efficiency: There are so many little things business owners can do to be more efficient. Recycling is a great way to save money and feel a bit smug about helping the environment! Using paper instead of plastic, and encouraging your team to reuse when possible will go long way to making your shop more efficient. Switching to Easydry disposable towels will eliminate laundry from your barber shop, and in turn will free up staff. Junior staff especially will no longer need to spend their days washing, drying and folding towels. Easydry towels are infinitely more compact than cotton towels, which will save huge amounts of space in the barber shop.


Diversify: Barber shops offer so much more to their clients than just haircuts. Your customers value your opinion, and take advice on board. If you recommend a certain product then they will take you seriously. Many barbers are now selling retail products in their shops, and have seen this side of the business generate significant income. By building a good relationship with your clients you encourage trust and they’re more likely to purchase from you. The Refinery in London is a fantastic example of what else barber shops can offer. Described as a “one stop grooming emporium for men” the Refinery is leading the charge when it comes to offering clients an all-round pampering service.


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