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Blakes The Art Of Hair

Easydry salon, Blakes The Art of Hair, recently tweeted us about the savings they had made on their energy bills just one year after making the easy switch to Easydry. We had to get in touch with them to find out more ...


“Blakes The Art of Hair” is situated in a small town in Derbyshire, in the beautiful High Peak. It is a small salon with a big reputation. Having previously come to our attention when they won an Easydry St. Patricks Day competition, we were delighted to hear that they had made huge savings on their energy bills since switching to Easydry. 

Salon owner Jody Blake, first met Easydry at a Redken Symposium. She felt that if Redken and their hero Andrew Barton were using Easydry, it was definitely a product that was worth a second look. Speaking to the Easydry team at the show, Jody began to realise how many hours per week her team were wasting on laundry. As Jody explains: “We decided to make the switch to Easydry when we realised the endless amount of time we wasted washing and drying towels.” In fact, Easydry research has shown that the average salon may waste approximately 25% of an employee’s time on salon laundry – time that could be spent on training, on looking after clients or attracting new ones.


“Blakes The Art of Hair” use the Easydry White Hair Towel (80x43cm) and use Easydry Towel Dispensers to hold and display their Easydry towels in their salon.


Like most salons, after using Easydry on clients, Blakes The Art of Hair have found some innovative ways to get further use from their Easydry towels. Jody continues, “After we have used the towels here at the salon, they go off to our local dog walker for use on muddy dogs. Not only that, they also go to a local dog grooming salon, the local green keepers for use on golf buggies at a golf club and sometimes even to be used as rags in a car garage as the towels are superb at absorbing oil. This is all before they even reach the green recycle bin!”


Blakes The Art Of Hair and Easydry


Have you made mega energy savings like Blakes? If so, tell us about it!

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