Easydry Small Towel ideal for contact dermatitisRecent research released by the NHF shows that hairdressers, barbers and beauty therapists are one of the professions with the highest rates of contact dermatitis in Great Britain.

This shocking industry statistic taken from the annual NHF Industry Research and Members Survey shows the top industries affected by contact dermatitis in Great Britain in 2014 as:


1 Florists (115 cases)

2. Hairdressers and Barbers (82)

3. Beauty Therapists (70)

4. Cooks (66)

5. Metal-Working Machinists (56)

(these statistics show cases per 100,000 workers per year).


These statistics show that hairdressers, barbers and beauth therapists should take care to protect their skin in the salon environment. Advise around this includes wearing gloves and drying hands throughly.


The Easydry Small Towel is the ideal way for staff to dry hands at the backwash between clients. At 30 x 20cm, it is the ideal size to dry hands but does not cost as much as the larger Easydry Hair Towels (80 x 43cm). The towels can be bought in bulk but are also available in smaller quantites and in convenient dispensers.


Our Small Towels can also be used as a chic bathroom hand towel for clients and can be used during beauty treatments in the salon.