Angela Byrne Easydry General Manager

Research shows that between 5 and 10 people are told about an bad experience. These days, the dangers of negative word-of-mouth have been amplified by the internet and the power of social media.

Here are the key steps when dealing with an unhappy client from Easydry General Manager, Angela Byrne.


At Easydry we rarely receive customer complaints. On the rare occasion that we do, here are our key steps to deal with an unhappy client:


  • The first and most important step when dealing with an unhappy customer is to listen carefully to what they have to say.
  • Offer a sincere apology – whether you are at fault or not, the client is upset and an apology can go a long way towards resolving the issue.
  • Ensure that you and your staff respond calmly and sincerely to take the heat out of the situation.  Always bear in mind – how would you like to be treated if the situation was reversed?
  • Try to come up with the best solution to the problem and try to resolve it as soon as possible.
  • Once the situation has been resolved, smile, apologise and promise them better service in the future.
  • Analyse the issue to see how you can prevent this problem from recurring. Do staff need some training? Is it an issue you should communicate to the manufacturer?


As Angela Byrne, General Manager of Easydry explains: “All staff are well trained on dealing with customer complaints. We have received very few customer complaints over the past ten years, but all have been dealt with quickly and with the customers point of view at the heart of our approach.”