Disposable Towels For SalonsDisposable Towels For Salons

Easydry launched it's first disposable towel for hair salons over ten years ago. Back then, CEO Anne Butterly, knew that salons wanted a more luxurious, hygienic and eco-friendly alternative to out-dated cotton towels and traditional laundry methods. 

Now Easydry has a range of disposable products ideal for use in hair salons including:

  • Disposable Hair Towels
  • Disposable Short Hair Towels / Disposable Barber Towels
  • Disposable Small Towels - ideal for a hand towel for staff at the backwash or for clients in the bathroom
  • Disposable Shoulder Capes


Most Easydry products for salons also now come in an exciting range of eco-friendly colours including

  • Red Hair Towels
  • Black Hair Towels
  • White Hair Towels
  • And you can even buy a box that contains black and white hair towels


Click on the menus above to browse our range of disposable towels for salons and find the ideal product mix to suit your salon business today!