Dirty Cotton Towels in a Salon

A depressingly familiar scene in your business? 

A blast from the past for Easydry salons.

Pity the poor salon owner who, as she flips the salon’s sign to CLOSED after a busy day of cutting, styling and colouring, without a break to catch her breath, must now wash a heap of cotton towels waiting in the back room.


Or the young trainee whose enthusiasm for her chosen career is in tatters after a day stuck in the back room washing, drying and sorting towels. Or perhaps the dismayed salon manager, who opens the laundry delivery to find a pile someone else’s scruffy towels.


Fortunately, for many salons, these are distant memories, as old-fashioned and out-of-date as the tinting cap. Stylists no longer stretch for the scratchy towel, trying to hide the stains. Instead, these  trend setters are wrapping their valued clients hair in crisp white or jet black Easydry disposable towels. Soft, highly absorbent and internationally acknowledged as the most eco-friendly, Easydry towels have been revolutionising the industry since they were first invented by managing director Anne Butterly in 2003.


Launched to market at Salon International six years ago, Easydry has since been embraced by salons across the globe and manufacturing partners such as Aveda, L’Oreal, Goldwell and Wella. But perhaps more importantly, it has been embraced by salon staff and clients.


In a recent survey nearly 80% of Easydry clients said they loved disposable towels because they were more eco-friendly than using cotton towels. Asked what they liked most, the overwhelming majority (79%) focused on their ability to reduce their salon’s carbon footprint.


Stylists were also confident their clients felt the same way, with 81 per cent saying their clients shared their enthusiasm for Easydry’s environmental benefits. They love that their towel is completely recyclable or biodegradable, that is has been made from certified sustainable sources and is manufactured using eco-friendly processes. They also love that their towel is theirs alone and hasn’t been used on any other clients.


Since salons started embracing the towels, clients have also benefited fromEasydry’s ongoing programme of innovation. It’s most recent activity has centred on its unique and highly popular technical cape that is water and tint-resistant on one side to protect clothes and highly absorbent on the other to soak up excess colour or drips. Newly re-engineered, it now biodegrades even quicker. The company has also introduced new packaging, making it possible to buy 150 capes as part of a box of 900 towels.


In an increasingly eco-conscious world, being able to take advantage of the convenience of disposables without the guilt is a huge boon for salons. Instead of washing machines and dryers, plus piles of towels taking up space, forward-thinking salons are placing smart yet compact, perfectly folded Easydry on their shelves. Even better, owner managers no longer face an ugly heap of unwashed towels at the end of the day, assistants are learning their craft rather than wasting time washing towels, and clients are being given a fresh, clean and completely hygienic towel every time.