Easydry Red Towel

Easydry goes red for romance

Show your love for clients this Valentine’s Day by bringing a splash of vibrant colour into their lives with the Easydry red towel.

Redder than a dozen roses and with not a thorn in sight, Easydry romantic red towels are just as soft, absorbent and hygienic  as their white and black cousins, giving your clients the same superlative drying experience, but in glorious crimson.


And unlike a box of heart-shaped chocolates, they come guilt-free, with non-toxic dyes and the same impeccable eco-credentials as every other product in the Easdydry range.


Using Easydry disposable towels shows you are passionate about client care all year round, guaranteeing the most luxurious and hygienic service possible. It also shows your team you have their best interests at heart by ending the relentless grind of having to launder, fold and stack hundreds of cotton towels every week.


Going red this Valentine’s Day will reinforce the message, with no need for tacky cards and anonymous declarations of affection.


‘Everybody needs a little romance in their lives, and on Valentine’s Day, the Easydry red towel is the perfect way of giving your salon the look of love,’ said Easydry CEO Anne Butterly.